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  1. Application to Serve: Advisory Group for the Future of De Soto

    Thank you for your interest in serving the City of De Soto Advisory Group. With the announcement of the Panasonic project and its... More…

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  1. 2023 4th of July Vendor Application

    The 4th of July Celebration event is at Riverfest Park in De Soto, Kansas, from 7:00pm-10:30pm on Tuesday, July 4th. Apply to be a food... More…

  2. Community Event Submission Form

    If your organization is having a family-friendly, open to the entire community event, we want to help publicize! Please fill out... More…

  1. 2023 Summer Concert Vendor Application

    De Soto has three summer concerts in 2023: • Friday, June 23rd: Concert • Friday, July 21st: Concert • Friday, August 18th: Concert... More…


  1. Public Works Director / City Engineer Application

    Link to full description: This is a technical and executive supervisory position that performs... More…


  1. Contrato de Servicios

    Contrato de Servicios: (agua, drenaje, basura/reciclaje)

  1. Utilities Service Contract

    City of De Soto Application for Utility Services: Water, Sewer, Trash/Recycling