Construction Projects

Each year, the City completes a number of public road construction and improvement projects. These projects make safer streets with better traffic movement and streamline the maintenance of public property.

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Occasionally, projects will cause some traffic delays and temporary disruptions. This page contains details about street, bridge, stormwater, and other under construction projects that may impact traffic in the city.

The Current Construction Projects map shows all infrastructure projects scheduled for the year. 

Miller Park Drainage

Road & Sidewalk Improvements

This year the annual sidewalk program budget will be dedicated to improving sidewalk conditions in the Timber Trails neighborhood.

Water & Wastewater Improvements

Astra Pump StationNew wastewater pump station to service the Astra Enterprise Park and surrounding areas.

Astra Sewer Pump Station Printable One Pager


Most flows to the treatment plant by gravity in pipes. Sometimes the terrain requires sewage to be pumped over a ridge or uphill to the treatment plant.

Benefits of the project include:

  • Meet the growing demand for wastewater system services in De Soto.
  • Provide capacity to meet federal and state regulations.


Collection system expansion includes construction of a new wastewater pump station at 95th Street east of Lexington Avenue.


The new pump station will be located at the intersection of 95th Street and Lexington Avenue.


Engineering design was conducted from October 2022 to June 2023. The project construction is expected to start in Fall 2023 and be operational by Spring 2025.


  • Owner: City of De Soto
  • Developer: Panasonic
  • Engineer: HDR
  • Contractor: To Be Determined

Park & Facility Improvements

As De Soto grows, additional staff are needed to provide the services required to maintain our quality of life. The second story of city hall will be renovated for new personnel and expanded services.

City Hall Renovations Project Printable One Pager


The purpose of the project is to accommodate additional city personnel to better serve the De Soto community. As De Soto grows, additional staff are needed to provide the services required to maintain our infrastructure. The second story of city hall will be renovated for new personnel and expanded services, including space for the EDC and Chamber.

Benefits of renovating the second story of city hall include:

  • Cost efficient to house city personnel in an existing building.
  • Work efficiency for staff to collaborate and work together to better serve De Soto.
  • Meet the office space needs of a growing staff with cost and construction time savings.
  • A professional work environment promotes employee retention.


The financial impact on the residents is included in the City’s budget and annual budget process. There are no additional fees or costs for individual residents and property owners.


Project location is on the second floor of City Hall in downtown De Soto.


The renovation of the City Hall office space is currently in the design phase. The overall project schedule is 2023 to 2024.


  • Owner: City of De Soto
  • Contractor: tbd

2023 - Completed Projects

Lexington Ramp K-10Lexington Avenue and K-10 interchange improvements to service current and future growth.

Lexington Ave K-10 Interchange Printable One Pager


The purpose of improving the Lexington Avenue Interchange is to provide a transportation system for current development and future growth in De Soto.

Benefits of improving Lexington Avenue/K-10 Interchange include:

  • Increased safety for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Improved travel times for commuters.
  • A transportation system designed to service new businesses and future growth.
  • Improved response times for emergency services.


Lexington Avenue and K-10 interchange.


Lexington Avenue and K-10 interchange added lanes to the on and off ramps. Signals were added at the eastbound and westbound ramps. The interchange at K-10 with Lexington Avenue is an improvement by Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).



Design and pre-construction tasks were completed in October 2022 with construction of road improvements from November 2022 and to March 2023.


  • Owner/Engineer: KDOT