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Snow Removal Request

  1. Request snow crews treat, plow, or re-treat/ re-plow snowy or slick areas after a winter storm.
    • It takes snow crews 24-48 hours to clear De Soto city streets after precipitation stops. (De Soto crews do not plow or treat private streets or highways in the city.)
    • During a storm, view the city's snow removal priority schedule and map to determine the priority level(s) the crews are currently managing. 
    • When there is significant snowfall, plows will push windrows of snow across driveways. Shoveling these blocked driveways is a resident responsibility.

    If you feel we've missed your street, file a request and snow crews will return to plow or treat where and when possible.

  2. Provide the address or specific location information about the area that needs treated or plowed.

  3. Upload any files that provide further detail, if necessary.
  4. City snow crews will not follow up with your snow removal request unless more information is needed.

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