Private Wastewater Resale Inspection Permits

Private wastewater inspections are required for ALL properties that are sold in the City of De Soto.

Process for applying for a Private Wastewater Resale Inspection Permit

  1. Contact a licensed septic disposal contractor to schedule a time and date for them to pump the septic tank. Inspections between the hours of 8:30 am and 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday, with a minimum of 48 hours notice do not require prior authorization from De Soto Building Staff to schedule. To find a licensed sanitary disposal contractor or licensed private wastewater installer please visit Johnson County Environmental's website.
  2. Use the City of De Soto's permit portal found here to apply for the resale inspection permit. Ensure that date and time of scheduled pumping is included in the application.
  3. Pay inspection fee of $100 at time of application through the permit portal.
  4. Once permit is processed and pumping time and date are confirmed by the City of De Soto you will receive a copy of the approved permit via email at the address provided. If a conflict with date and time makes it not feasible for department staff to schedule your inspection, you will receive a phone call to reschedule for an agreeable time and date.
  5. Once inspection is completed a letter from the City of De Soto will be issued with findings and any corrective measures needed for the private wastewater system to continue use.

Please visit our Private Wastewater Systems (Septic) page for information about caring for your system, signs of a failing system, and other useful information to help you better understand the system at your property.