Commercial Building Permits

This process applies only to Commercial Building Permits in the City of De Soto.

Process for applying for a Commercial Building Permit

  1. Use the City of De Soto's permit portal found here to apply for a permit to work on a commercial property.
  2. Fill out all required information on the application including contractor information. Please submit all subcontractors and license numbers at time of application. Permit will not become active until all contractor information is submitted to the City of De Soto Building Department.
  3. Upload required construction documents including stamped plans, site plan, and any construction specs. Construction documents must be stamped by a registered design professional for all commercial projects. Without required uploads your application will not be accepted or processed.
  4. Once plan review is completed by the De Soto Building Department a copy of the building permit with a link to pay fees will be emailed out to the applicant. If you wish to pay fees with a check or cash, please let the building staff know and a copy of your permit will be available for payment by those methods at the front counter of City Hall. Electronic payment via the link provided in the email or through the portal will immediately cause the permit to become active for construction.
  5. Once payment has been received, signed plans will be available for download from the permit portal found here by searching for your permit using one of the available search fields. Signed plans can also be emailed to the contractor by request. Signed construction documents must be available on site at time of inspection and is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure their availability to the inspector when requested.
  6. After payment has been received, the permit is considered active for construction. Building permit letter can be downloaded through the permit portal found here and should be posted on site during construction.