Right of Way Excavation Permits

Right of Way Excavation Permit Process

  1. Use the City of De Soto's permit portal found here to apply for a permit to work within the City right of Way.
  2. Fill out all required information on the application to ensure successful processing of the application.
  3. Upload required certificate of general liability insurance as well as performance bond of $2000 if necessary for your project. All excavation of the right of way requires a $2000 maintenance bond and general liability insurance submission except for the following: Driveway replacement, residential street approach, or landscaping work. 
  4. Upload any documentation detailing the scope and location of work being completed in the right of way. These plan documents will be required for all utility work other than repair of existing utilities. 
  5. Click pay fees and pay associated permit fee. If your project is longer than 1200 linear feet additional permits will be required. Amended permit fees will be emailed to the contractor to pay any additional fees.
  6. After complete payment has been received, the permit will be considered active for construction.

Full list of City of De Soto right of way use and excavation regulations can be found here.