Signs of Failing System

Private wastewater systems are crucial for the safe, healthy disposal of household wastewater for many homes in De Soto. Knowing the early warning signs of a problem and how to handle them can help prevent a health and safety issue for your household as well as your neighbors. Early detection and repair can also save thousands of dollars by repairing the issue before a full system replacement in required. Below are some signs of a failing private wastewater system as well as potential causes.

If you are experiencing any of the problems below or any other issues related to your septic system, don't wait to contact a licensed private wastewater contractor to repair the problem before it gets any worse. A list of licensed contractors can be found on Johnson County Environmental's Website.

  1. Wet spot(s) in the yard
  2. Overflowing septic tank
  3. Water backing up into house
  4. Odor in your house

Wet spots in your yard is the most common sign to every homeowner that they may have a problem. Water rising through the ground to the surface can be caused by a number of different things but they all have one in common, the repair is not to bring in more dirt to bury the system deeper.

If the soil your septic system is installed in becomes saturated with biomat from your septic tank it will limit the amount of wastewater that can be absorbed into the soil. When this happens a common sign is a leak to the surface in your yard. This is generally the first sign that there is a problem with your absorption field and repairs or replacement may be necessary.

Another common cause of a leaking septic system is overuse. This can be caused by an excessive amount of household wastewater, leaking plumbing fixtures, or the intrusion of ground water into the system. If the source of the water is found and reduced this may solve the leaking problem by itself without having to contact a septic contractor.

If you have water leaking from your private wastewater system in your yard contact a licensed septic contractor to repair your system before it becomes worse.