Caring For Your Septic System

Owning a property on private wastewater instead of city sewer is a very common occurrence for residents of De Soto. Taking care of your private wastewater system is crucial to ensure that you have a well functioning system to handle you and your family's wastewater needs safely and efficiently for years to come. Here are some easy things you can do to ensure your system continues working for years to come.

  1. Have your septic tank pumped regularly
  2. Only flush approved materials
  3. Food/Grease disposal in trash
  4. Avoid septic treatment products
  5. Prevent excess water use
  6. Maintain a healthy lawn
  7. Call for help before repair

Routine pumping is essential for proper function of your private wastewater. Pumping will remove all of the solids and sludge from your septic tank before they become to great and enter the absorption field causing a major problem. 

The recommended pumping interval is every 3-5 years depending on use of the system and number of occupants of the house. To ensure you never miss a pumping ask your septic pumping company to put you on their callback list for the recommended interval of 3-5 years and they will make sure you don't miss a service.

All pumping must be completed by a licensed pumping contractor with Johnson County. This list can be found on their website at the link below.