Trash & Recycling

Curbside Trash & Recycling

De Soto contracts with Honey Creek Disposal for trash and recycle curbside pick up. View a map showing pick-up days.

Recycling is offered every other week. View the 2023 Recycling Calendar

Note: Glass can now be recycled curbside in the same container as the rest of your recyclables. If you bring your recyclables to City Hall, the glass goes in the same dumpster as the other materials.

Fuel Surcharge

In an effort to keep trash rates low, the trash & recycling contract with Honey Creek Disposal includes a fuel surcharge provision; if the national average price of diesel fuel is above $3.65/gallon for a billing period, a surcharge will go into effect. This is not a permanent charge. If the national average price of diesel stays below $3.65 for the billing period, the surcharge drops from the bill.

Your surcharge total depends on two things:

  • The actual average price per gallon: a higher average price per gallon increases the percentage used to figure the fuel surcharge
  • Which disposal services you use: most accounts will have a trash surcharge and a recycling surcharge, but some will have a dumpster or extra pickup fuel surcharge as well

Brush Disposal

The De Soto Brush Disposal Site is open only to De Soto residents. It can be accessed from 8 a.m. to Noon on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from April through November. It is located at the Wastewater treatment plant at 35415 West 79th Street.

Only common yard waste is allowed. No construction materials are permitted.

View the map of the Brush Disposal Site Location.