What is door-to-door solicitation?

Door-to-door solicitation is the practice of going onto private property unannounced with the intent of selling goods or services for funds. This includes selling, offering to sell, and taking orders for goods or services. 

Those selling, soliciting, or peddling goods or services, not having a permanent location or place of business in De Soto, must have a solicitation permit.  

Approved permit holders must have their permit with them at all times and be ready to present it if requested.

Soliciting is permitted between 10:00 a.m. and  6:00 p.m. 

A link to the solicitor permit is here. The permit should be completed and returned three days prior to the first date of solicitation. 

List of businesses with active solicitor permits and expiration dates:

Company Name 

Expiration Date


Information for Residents:

If a solicitor approaches your home when a “No Solicitation” sign is displayed outside of the allowed times, or if a solicitor is not able to provide proof of permit, please call the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office at 913-782-0720 as soon as possible, and give the name, business or organization and description of the person(s) you saw soliciting.

Questions related to the issuance of solicitor’s permits or complaints should be directed to the City Clerk at (913) 586-5250 or