Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

5-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

January 23, 2018

The De Soto City Council is taking a new and better approach to capital improvement planning. While we have always kept long list of capital improvement projects, which are prioritized on a yearly basis during the preparation of the budget, the current effort aims to implement a more structured, long-term, and purposeful process to capital planning. The end product will be a formal 5-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) that will be updated yearly prior to our deliberations on the following years budget.

The CIP outlines the City's plan for achieving the goals, objectives, and service delivery levels desired by the community. The purpose of this plan is to forecast and match projected revenues and major capital needs over a 5-year period. Capital planning is an important management tool that strengthens the linkages between community infrastructure needs and the financial capacity of the City, and should echo the goals and objectives of the City's Strategic Plan, utility planning documents, and Comprehensive Plan.

The Plan

The initial 5-year CIP planning process began in October of 2017 with a series of discussions at regular City Council meetings where the format of the CIP was introduced, and individual projects were prioritized. Public input was received, and appropriate adjustments were made to project scopes, timing, and priorities.

The current 5-year CIP, covering the years 2018 - 2022, along with its appendices, is provided below. The CIP will be revised on an annual basis, prior to the budget process for the following year.

Projects currently under consideration include the following:

  • Extension of 91st Street Westward to Sunflower Road: $1.65 million
  • Replacement of 83rd Street Bridge over the U.S. Army Railroad, just west of Kickapoo: $2.25 million
  • New Public Works Facility: $2.3 million
  • Reconstruction of Ottawa Street from 82nd to the entrance of Riverfest Park: $1.4 million
  • Drainage Improvements in Miller Park: $0.2 million
  • Sidewalk / Recreation Path on 83rd from Kaw Avenue to Valley Springs Road: $0.1 million
  • Construction of Soccer Fields at Lexington Lake Park: $0.65 million
  • Sewer Extension to 95th and Lexington: $0.75 million
  • Traffic Signal at 91st and Lexington: $0.18 million
  • Restrooms at Riverfest Park: $0.14 million

See Appendix B (PDF) for details about the above-listed projects

Overall, the current CIP draft document consists of just over $10.8 million in projects over the 5-year CIP period. It relies on $3.7 million in new debt, $2.9 million in outside grants, and $0.6 million in special taxing districts. The remaining $3.8 in CIP funding will come from the assorted revenue sources that go into the capital projects fund, including sales tax, mill levy revenues, gas tax, and other transfers.

The City Council hopes to finalize the CIP in late 2017 or early 2018 so it can be included in the deliberations for the 2019 budget, which will start next spring.

Council Presentations & Discussion

The City Council has received presentations and held discussed related to the CIP at regular Council meetings since October, 2017. The presentations provided an opportunity for the Council to learn about details about the various projects, review revenue streams that will be needed to fund the plan, and receive advice from the City's financial advisors relating to the issuance of new debt. Information distributed to the Council and videos of the meetings are provided in the links below.

Public Involvement

Two public workshops were held on November 30, 2017 to present the CIP draft and solicit input from the community. A total of 34 community members attended the meetings, and gave meaningful feedback on several of the projects in the plan. View a summary of the workshops (PDF).

In addition to the public workshops, an online survey was established to garner additional feedback about the plan. In total, there were 100 survey responses, which are summarized in Appendix L (PDF).