Registration and insurance tickets


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If the registration has not been expired longer than one year, and proof of current registration is provided on or before the court date listed on the ticket, the charge will be dismissed and fees waived.

If the registration is not renewed by the court date listed on the ticket, or if the registration has been expired longer than one year, a fine and court costs will be imposed (refer to fine schedule), or you can appear in court on your court date to speak to the Prosecutor regarding amendment or diversion options.  



If you were cited for no proof of insurance and you can provide valid insurance on the vehicle you were driving at the time of the stop, and you did not receive the violation as the result of an accident, the charge will be dismissed and fees will be waived. Proof of valid insurance must be provided to the Court Clerk within ten days of receiving your ticket for dismissal. Insurance will be verified.

 If your insurance has lapsed, expired, or was cancelled, you must appear in court on the date and time listed on your ticket.    

You may provide proof of registration or insurance by faxing or emailing it to the Court.  It is your responsibility to verify it was received.

Fax: 913-583-3123  / Email:

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