What does your vote mean?
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Voting 'Yes' means your overall sales tax rate would stay the same at 9.75%, and the 3/4 of a cent special sales tax would continue until 2032. The City of De Soto would be allowed to use the approximately $600,000 generated each year to fund the City's infrastructure projects.
Voting 'No' means the sales tax would expire in July 2022; the City would have to consider alternative ways to fund the capital project improvements as the projects funded by the sales tax are integral to the City’s basic infrastructure and must be done, regardless of funding source.  
City services are generally funded by either property taxes, sales taxes or user fees.

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1. Is this a new tax?
2. What type of projects does this tax support?
3. What type of projects will be funded by this sales tax in the future, if approved?
4. What is the ballot language?
5. What does your vote mean?
6. How long would this sales tax be in effect?
7. How much money is generated from this tax?
8. When does the current sales tax expire?
9. What is De Soto's current total sales tax rate?
10. How much more will this sales tax cost a De Soto resident?
11. How much does this sales tax impact the average shopper?
12. Why do we use sales tax to fund these types of projects?
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