Fowl (Chicken) Application

For Lots Less Than One Acre

The City Code, Ordinance 2487, allows for the keeping of poultry and fowl on lots that are less than one acre if certain requirements are met and a permit is issued.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Fowl (Chicken) Permit Application Fillable PDF (or applications are available at City Hall)
  2. Return application to City Hall with a $5.00 filing fee

For assistance, please contact the City Clerk at (913) 586-5250.


)The keeping of Poultry and Fowl in lots less than one acre, as defined in Ordinance 2487, is subject to the following restrictions:

"Requires  application for  a  permit  (via  city  approved form), limited to a maximum of five hens, no roosters, and must be kept outside of the residence in a confined area and not allowed to range freely. The confined space must be set back at least twenty (20’) feet from the side and rear property lines  in  the  back  yard.  An  approved  permit  may  be  revoked  when  any of  the above  requirements  are  not  being  met  and/or  presence  of  the Poultry  or  Fowl create offensive odors or unreasonable annoyance, including noise, to neighbors or others in close proximity to the premise where the Poultry or Fowl are kept. If a complaint  is  received,  the  code  officer  will  complete  a  written  report  of  his investigation  and  submit  it  to the  applicant/owner  stating  the  factual  basis  for recommending to revoke the permit or dismiss the complaint. Such investigation will  consider  comments  of  neighbors,  past  violations  by  the  applicant,  the  size, condition  and  location  of the  area  where  the Poultry  or  Fowl  are  being  kept, and/or any other factors relevant to the keeping of Poultry or Fowl on a Lot less than one acre."