Park Improvements

Parks serve an important role in our City; they create safer neighborhoods, provide a space for community engagement and events, and promote public health. For our parks to continue being that resource for De Soto, they need a few upgrades and improvements. The parks segment of the referendum specifically focuses on Miller Park and Riverfest Park.

By collaboration of City residents, the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, and City Staff, the following improvements to Miller Park and Riverfest Park were made a priority.

Miller Park

Replace Outdated Playground Equipment

Some of the current playground equipment is old and needs to be replaced; the bond would give the City the opportunity to install interactive equipment geared towards younger children.

Additional Parking

There currently isn’t adequate parking during sporting events held at the park; the referendum would allow the City to create more parking spaces in the southwest corner of Miller Park, where the previous pool was located.

Ball Field Irrigation

This improvement saves on maintenance time and manpower, decreases costs, and increases playability and safety of the ball fields.

Restroom Expansion

Presently, the restrooms at Miller Park are only single stall rooms – one men’s and one women’s. If passed, the building would be expanded to have more stalls available.

  1. Outdated Playground Equipment
  2. Miller Park Additional Parking
  3. Additional Bathrooms

Miller Park Outdated Equipment

Riverfest Park

Shelter House

As Riverfest grows with amenities and more visitors visit the park, the need for a shelter area increases. There currently aren’t any covered places for people to eat or hold events, and passing the referendum would help fill that need.

Additional Playground Equipment 

Riverfest Park has minimal play equipment; with the addition of other park amenities and activities, expanded playground equipment are important to City residents.

Security Lighting

Additional security lighting would aid in preserving Riverfest Park against vandalism.

Disc Golf 

Disc golf is a popular, low-cost leisure activity. The development of a 9-hole disc golf course would be an amenity for all ages.

  1. Current Riverfest Park Equipment
  2. Shelter House Example

Riverfest Equipment


Awareness is an essential component to help educate the public on our parks; having clear and consistent signage at all parks will help unify and brand our facilities.

Budget dependent, the following signage is prioritized in the referendum:

  • Riverfest Park monument sign
  • Miller Park monument sign
  • Sunflower Park signage
  • Wayfinding signage throughout De Soto to help lead the public to our parks
  1. Monument Signage
  2. Wayfinding Signage

Monument Signage

Parks & Signage Timeline

Parks and Signage Timeline