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City Council Visioning & Strategic Planning


February 8, 2017


Last fall the City Council began a visioning process aimed to formulate an organizational direction on the various areas of local governance. Among these areas are economic development and incentives, current and future planning, utility master planning, and growth. The end result of the effort will be a new mission and values statement for the City, a list of goals and objectives, and the City’s first Strategic Plan, which will help to focus our efforts and provide policy clarity to future decisions.


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We began this work in August with a series of informational workshops addressing background information and current status updates for the various plans, policies, and procedures relating to city governance. More recently the Council has been involved with joint meetings with other civic and governmental organizations including the Economic Development Council and Planning Commission. We have also held focus group workshops with community members to gain feedback and direction on our plan. Our community outreach will continue in February, and we will wrap up the effort later in the spring with a Council retreat, and the drafting and adoption of the strategic plan.


A detailed schedule of the process, background information, and summaries of the progress made so far is outlined below.


Phase I: Background Information and Education (September – October, 2016)– Where are we now? – These workshop presentations provided an opportunity for the Council to learn about details about the various functions, regulations, and existing master plans of the City.


September 1, 2016: Governmental Structure

Click Here for Workshop Information

Click Here for the video of the discussion


October 6, 2016: Current Status of Existing Plans and Policies

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Click Here for the video of the discussion


October 6, 2016:  Utilities – Water and Sewer master plans

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Click Here for the video of the discussion


October 20, 2016:  Visioning Process and Parks & Recreation Programs

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Phase II: Joint Meetings (November, 2016 – January, 2017)– Who are our partners?  - These sessions were opportunities for introduction and exchange of ideas with the various boards and organizations who impact the community.


November 10, 2016: Joint Meeting between City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals

Meeting Summary


November 14, 2016: Joint Meeting between City Council, EDC and Chamber of  Commerce

Meeting Summary


Phase III: Citizens as Partners & Public Engagement  (January - February, 2017) - What are the values, priorities, and goals of the community?


January 17, 2017: Focus Group Sessions - Two, two-hour facilitated sessions with a selected group of 50 community members aimed at collecting feedback on a variety of topics impacting local governance.

Key Findings


February 22, 2017:  Public Engagement Workshops - An opportunity to gather feedback from a broader group of constituents, with a focus on areas identified during joint meetings and focus group activities.



Phase IV: Council retreat or work session to re-establish City’s vision, values, mission. (March 4, 2017) Who are we and who do we want to be? – This session will focus on higher policy level topics and will focus on philosophies, goals, ambitions and morals.

Facilitated by JCCC

Full Day off-site session

Create Vision Statement, Values Statement, and Mission Statement

Who are we, what do we do, and why do we do it?


Phase V: Goals, Objectives, Strategies (April, 2017) What do we want to do? – With a deeper understanding of the existing conditions, a discussion about priorities will be more meaningful.

Identify areas of concern

Identify areas of opportunity

Articulate individual and group goals and set measurable benchmarks


Phase VI: Work Plan (May, 2017)What are we going to do?

Establish priorities, goals, and action items.

Produce policy document that identifies major areas of focus and direction for the City, and guides budget and policy decisions moving forward.






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